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Floor Plans at Citra

*Rental pricing is based on availability and can change at any time without notice. Square footage is approximate and can vary based on floor plan layout and location. Please call the leasing office for details.


Floor Plans at Citra

When you think of upscale boutique apartment community, what comes to mind? What does upscale living look like to you? Is it spacious floor plans designed with modern lifestyles in mind? At Citra Apartments in Sunnyvale, elegant apartment homes feature inviting spaces that gracefully transition from one room to another, so your evening will flow from dinner to a movie on the couch with ease. And, all of our homes are filled with stylish details that will complement, not compete with, your furniture.

While our community may be moments away from all that Sunnyvale has to offer, we recognize that sometimes you just want to come home and relax, which is why we offer a tucked away, cozy feel. Whether you want to be immersed in culture and activity, or relax in a peaceful, serene setting, Citra Apartments is the perfect choice for apartment living in Sunnyvale. With meticulously landscaped grounds featuring lush lawns, gardens and more - we know you will appreciate the area that surrounds your new home.

At Citra Apartments, we invite you to come write your own definition of luxury in any of our premier 1 & 2 bedroom apartments in Sunnyvale, CA. We offer an unmatched combination of style, location, and amenities and we think you will agree.

Schedule a tour today and see for yourself what makes us one of the top apartment communities near Downtown Sunnyvale!

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